Follow the music, let the mood flow freely for a while; Gradually, it enters the meditation

Thinking carefully and measuring carefully, every day seems to be the same: there is peace, joy, pain and helplessness. The difference is their own weight. When happiness is greater than sadness, should this day be called a happy day?

[Zhou Wei]]

Zhou Wei, I wanted to go to the Youth Science and Technology Museum. I heard that the environment there was both beautiful and leisurely and could increase a lot of popular science knowledge. To be exact, I just want to take my daughter there to relax. She met her unexpectedly in the Youth Science and Technology Museum. Next, she and I took two girls, playing Swing, Swing Bridge and drilling cave, which was very exciting and romantic. Lunch is not a big meal either: a few pieces of dylamizu, milk and eggs, as well as several Hong Kong desserts and bottled drinks, but we eat with relish and laughter. Maybe it’s because of the mood of dining under this pavilion, maybe it’s because there are fountains, green trees and flowers around, maybe it’s because of the fresh and leisure mood at this time.

In the afternoon, the two children became familiar with each other to the same extent as their relatives and sisters. The two children played without guesswork and played with their innocence and elegance. She leaned against the Shek Pik and looked at the Children. I looked at her. The sunshine in late autumn shines warmly, which I have been longing. At that moment, I felt very warm and comfortable, and also very happy and satisfied. I didn’t mean to hold her hand when I passed the iron fence, but her body was shaking too much. I didn’t know whether I put my hand to her or she put her hand to me. Maybe, God is doomed to have such a hand in hand in this life.

Because it is short, it is more precious. I know that this kind of time will not be too much. So I cherish every moment we are together. We didn’t take her car back until the sun was setting and there was only the last bright red left.

[Rainy Day]]

Wutongyu, I always think it is the most beautiful. Whether it is rain or rain. However, it is rare.

Rainy days are especially abundant this summer, which often come when you are defenseless. The rain began to disturb when it came out of the unit that day. Because I didn’t bring rain gear, I held one hand against the bag and the other hand waved anxiously, hoping to hit the car. But there were too many people taking taxis, watching cars passing by me helplessly.

I couldn’t stop the car all the time, forcing me to walk towards the middle of the road. As soon as I got to the middle of the road, I heard a sound of emergency braking. After the door was opened, I was suddenly pushed into the car in a hurry and inexplicably. I turned around and looked at this person in front of me in surprise. It turned out to be her, and my heart couldn’t help beating.

The car started, and she fell down the rain on her hair and said, “Look, if you are drenched in the rain, just take you for a ride. I hurriedly said: Thank you, if it weren’t for you, I would still be in the rain, this terrible weather.

The car is moving forward slowly, with soothing and gentle music melody playing in the car. As if she knew where I was going, where my Harbor was and where my destination was.

I looked quietly with my side eyes again. Behind the long eyelashes, a transparent lake reflected calmly. What a tolerant, kind and open-minded woman, what a kind and considerate woman. That pool of deep water made me almost breathless, and at the moment I was filled with an inexplicable happiness.

I was about to get off the bus, and the car slowed down. I read some from her eyes and left my QQ to her when I got off the bus.

After that, we talked in space with each other in full swing, and it was too late to be offline. Every day, as long as I have free time, I will open QQ to initiate a conversation; If she is not online, I will wait quietly; When online, we will chat endlessly. I was immersed in her brilliant spirit of poetry and books, indulged in her meaningful and true words, and constructed my beautiful dreams one after another.

This article is a dream, please do not take the right seat —- stream

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